Self Esteem and Confidence

Self esteem is often defined as an individual’s personal sense of worth. This sense of worth protects us from a variety of negative events or situations such as criticism, personal attacks, and also any mistakes we make.

Healthy self esteem allows individuals to assess themselves in an accurate, yet honest manner. People who are able to do this are typically happier, and more successful in life.

If you feel you need a boost to your self esteem, and if you are ready to live your life to your highest potential, you may benefit from self esteem counselling.

This type of counselling generally focuses on uncovering negative thoughts, unhelpful values or beliefs, and unrealistic expectations, as well as the emotions associated with these. When you understand why you feel the way you do, the counsellor will then show you how to move forward, how to see yourself in a more realistic manner, and therefore become the person you always wanted to be.

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