Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is useful for a number of issues ranging from confusion to constant worrying.

Common reasons for seeking help include problems controlling moods, feeling unhappy with one’s life, being afraid to live one’s life, being unable to sleep, experiencing trouble forming healthy relationships, over-eating, experiencing sexual difficulties, being unable to relax, etc.  Individual counselling always takes place in a confidential setting where the client works one-on-one with one of our trained professionals.

Individual counselling generally starts with the client telling their story. By initially gathering a thorough history, the counsellor can look for any influences the client may not be aware of. After this initial stage, the client is encouraged to explore their thoughts and feelings allowing them to gain a better understanding of their own values and beliefs and how these impact on their current issues.

Sessions generally take place over a period of an hour and will continue if it appears benefit will be gained from further sessions.

In most cases, clients undergoing counselling begin to feel they are making progress in the first few sessions. Naturally, depending on the person and the issue they are experiencing, some clients require a more long term approach, particularly if problems are long standing.

In other words, individual counselling helps identify and address maladaptive patterns of thinking and behaviour, which in turn helps clients make the necessary and beneficial changes to their lifestyle.

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