Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are unfortunately the most common issues experienced by people. Even worse, the symptoms of these conditions are still rarely identified.

Everyone feels a bit down or stressed at times. Bad news or the loss of a friend will invariably bring a down person’s mood.

Similarly, stress, which generally feels the same as anxiety, is a normal reaction to anyone who finds themselves under pressure. A difficult deadline, an upcoming exam, or the prospect of doing something intimidating can put you under stress.

However, some people experience either or both of these feelings so regularly and so strongly that it affects their lives and even their ability to function. Other people come to believe that their feelings control them, rather than them being able to control their feelings.

Remember that if you experience either depression or anxiety, or even both, help is available. A counsellor will help you regain hope, a sense of control and more importantly, to believe in yourself again.

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