Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

People you employ are the ones who are on the production line or work closely with your clients and therefore most companies nowadays consider their employees as their most important asset.

The cost of replacing an employee can be huge. Try adding up the cost of advertising and training a new worker as well as the loss of income due to lower productivity while they are still learning the role. You will be amazed at the real cost to your company. That is why keeping your talented employee needs to be one of your priorities.

You also need to consider that when your employees are not performing at their best, the ones who suffer are your clients. This in turn initiates a domino effect which results in lost contracts, lost clients, and ultimately significant loss of profit.

It is well documented that employees who feel supported and cared for by management are happier and more inclined to support their company towards success. In turn, this makes them more responsible and accountable.
Companies who do have an employee assistance program have received the following benefits:

  • Decrease in sick leave and lateness
  • Improved productivity and motivation
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Reduced workplace accidents and incidents

Not only do we provide EAP’s for a variety of corporate clients, we also provide them for our sister company Nursing Group which employs in excess of 250 staff and The Casey College which educates and trains hundreds of students each year.

Our Employee Assistance Program can be tailored to your employees’ or company’s specific needs. Some of our corporate clients only require us to provide confidential counselling to their employees on a need basis. Others prefer the option of an intervention in case of a punctual incident, others still, prefer a ‘stress debriefing’ counselling formula available to their employees.

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