Deal with a Manipulative Partner

Is your relationship more ‘rocky’ than rock solid?  Here’s how to deal with a manipulative partner

Is your partner jealous, argues with you constantly, needs to be right, controls your finances, finds fault with your every move, criticises your family or, worst of all, prevents you from seeing your friends? Does your partner buy you gifts more because they want to make up for their unacceptable behaviour, than as an expression of love?

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Deal with Manipulative Boss

Hate being at work? Here’s how to deal with that manipulative boss or co-worker

Instead of planning that next sickie, Dr Casey says you deal with manipulation using her simple, proven strategies. “Manipulation can be either aggressive or passive aggressive. Openly aggressive behaviour such as bullying is easy to identify, but covert attacks are very difficult to spot. As a guideline, you know you’re being manipulated when the problem is ongoing, and you are left feeling unsure of where you stand, anxious, stressed or even physically sick.”

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Counselling: How Do You Choose the Right Counsellor

Counselling: How do you choose the right counsellor

Do not be afraid to ask for proof of qualifications. Often a good counsellor will belong to an association or their company will have a professional membership.

If possible speak to the counsellor who you will be seeing and get a feel for how you interact with them. You need to feel at ease and comfortable as you are going to be disclosing personal and private information.

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How to Deal with Difficult Employees

Managers beware: the 7 habits of difficult employees

Dr Mary Casey (Doctorate of Psychology) is CEO of leading health and education organisation Casey Centre, with 200 employees. She says most CEOs and managers, at some point, have had to deal with an employee who has soured the workplace culture, reduced productivity, wasted time or discredited co-workers.

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7 Expert Tips to Achieve Happiness in Any Workplace

7 expert tips to achieve happiness in any workplace

Started a new job only to discover it’s a minefield of gossip and negativity? Is your workload causing your social life to shrivel up? Or is management leaving you feeling micromanaged or, worse, neglected? A leading workplace relations expert says a rare number of Australians really focus on achieving contentment at work – most of us putting up with negative cultures and long hours as part and parcel of working life.

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New Year’s Resolutions Must Focus on Emotional Health

New Year’s resolutions must focus on emotional health

Dr Mary Casey (Doctorate Psychology), CEO of health and education organisation Casey Centre, says: “The reason we make resolutions in the first place is to be happier, more creative, more aware of our direction in life, and improve our sense of wellbeing. Arguably the largest obstacles to these are negative emotional states.

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Striving for Excellence

What exactly is excellence?

Excellence is when someone is great, but they don’t stop there; instead they continue to become greater. Excellence is an attitude of working out how to become better and better and continually climb, not stagnate or go backwards.  People who seek excellence constantly strive to set new goals once the old ones have been achieved.

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