Striving for Excellence

What exactly is excellence?

Excellence is when someone is great, but they don’t stop there; instead they continue to become greater. Excellence is an attitude of working out how to become better and better and continually climb, not stagnate or go backwards.  People who seek excellence constantly strive to set new goals once the old ones have been achieved.

It is interesting how people can be jealous of someone who does this rather than ask them how they do it! Rather than being humble and learning and becoming great, they become hostile, envious and live in their small world that they have alone created.

If you know someone who portrays excellence, learn and gain their knowledge. Ask questions, be courageous, make changes and be excellent yourself. Then you can be the one who others come to in order to learn excellence!

Dr Mary Casey (Doctorate of Psychology) is founder and CEO of Casey Centre, a leading integrated health and education service. Visit

A workplace relationship expert, Dr Casey is the author of How to Deal with Master Manipulators, a DVD and workbook with effective strategies to deal with manipulation at home or work.